ISTP Personality type.
Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving.

ISTPs are quite low-key when it comes to every day living, but when a project they like comes along, they launch into a frenzy of activity that is actually more organized then it appears. Ps are performers at heart and ISTPs have interests that lie more toward mechanical areas rather then artistic. Some ISTPs will choose a friend or relative as their next "project" and they are said to be quite overbearing when this happens. ISTPs need to "spread out" in the physical and the psychological sense; they need their space and can sometimes be quite unforgiving in taking it. Those who invest their time in a relationship with an ISPT may be hurt by this behaviour as they may withdraw and become "loners" for a while with no explanation; or they may encroach on another’s space without regard for their needs.

Since ISTPs need this space in their life to do as they please when they please, they tend to be generally quite inflexible when someone tries to alter their lifestyle in any way. ISTPs are known to get quite angry with anyone who tries to do this, and it is quite a contrast to their usual withdrawn nature. Due to this, communication is vastly important in any relationship with an ISTP, although they prefer to relate their feelings non-verbally which indicates activation in the amygdala, the emotional control centre.

ISTPs are more “left brain” as they tend to gravitate towards skilled trades and engineering; they tend to dislike abstract thinking and don’t do well in these classes, which are actually not indicative of their intelligence. As emergency workers such as firefighters and paramedics, ISTPs thrive because of their natural disregard for authority figures and structured rules; this mean they can handle the situation quickly and efficiently without needing to double-check with anyone else first. ISTPs are independent at heart and need to follow their own path; they dislike taking orders and will often retaliate with more of their own if that’s the case. If an ISTP should take on a career that involves minimal risk, they will usually make up for that in their personal life by doing extreme sports. This suggests that this type seeks out extra stimulation of the cortex since dangerous activities elevate their level of arousal.

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